The first Community Manager of Empresas Polar

Working at EasyText Media, a small digital agency, I had the opportunity to open the social channels for Empresas Polar, the biggest industrial corporation in Venezuela, and manage them directly for two years.

They needed a journalistic profile that knew how to deal properly with information and public opinion. I took advantage of this opportunity and with the company contact centers team we were able to develop manuals for frequently asked questions and customer service to manage: comments, suggestions, complaints and claims in the most efficient way. Always connected with the different areas of the company in order to provide real solutions and answers to each person.

It was a specialized job and a great virtual community management school that involved relationships with workers, marketing agencies, the media, public institutions, organizations, influencers and consumers.

Together with the brand's communication team, we were able to create the global plan for digital communication, branding, online advertising campaigns, content, integrated campaigns and crisis management strategies.

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