Some of the projects I worked with in Datanálisis & Tendencias Digitales

Thanks to my knowledge and experience as an economic journalist and my ability to build relationships, at 22 years old I was hired as Marketing and Communications Coordinator for Datanálisis (the main company for market research, consumer studies and public opinion reports in Venezuela) and Tendencias Digitales (its subsidiary and leading company in online market research in Latin America).

During these intense two years I managed the department in charge of internal and external communications for both companies. Specifically:

- Relations with the media at the regional level, organization of interviews and press conferences.
- Press releases and corporate news.
- Alliances and content exchange.
- Public Relations (media, influencers, allies, other companies, public institutions, organizations, clients and potential clients). 
- Planning, content and management of social networks.
- Web projects. UX design
- Web and blogs content.
- Interviews.
- Edition and publication of articles written by both companies specialists.
- Online and offline newsletters. (Printed and Email Marketing)
- Online and offline regional advertising campaigns. (Traditional media, online banners, Google Adwords and Ad Sense)
- Corporate events organization.
- Internal and external communication strategies.

- Team building activities. 
- Qualitative and quantitative marketing studies promotion.

- Restructuring of the company's communications department. Team management. 

- Supplier management, marketing plans and budgets.

In this work I had the opportunity to understand the importance of people as the center of communication. I fell in love with market research and was able to learn much more about how to listen to markets. I learned how to use online marketing tools, I started to work as a Community Manager when it wasn't even a profession. I was able to organize events and cover them for social networks in which I was a pioneer. I met many valuable people and was able to manage large projects with a small team.

Here I leave you links to some of the projects I worked on for both companies.

Check this selection of articles I wrote for Tendencias Digitales out!

Selection of articles I wrote for the Tendencias Digitales blog between 2009 and 2010.

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